About our Restaurant

Classically trained chef from Hungary with influence from central European dishes and new twists on American classics.

"My goal to show the European, Mediterranean type of dining experience, mixing together with American classic dishes".

Established in 2020


Our restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and adds a twist of Mediterranean and American flavors in our dishes. We go above and beyond to provide a relaxing atmosphere for our guests!


First Bistro is a family-owned business from Europe. Head Chef and Owner, Meliton Sticht, opened First Bistro with intentions of bringing his own recipes to life and sharing them with the world! Every dish is made with love and perfection, and we always aim to please our customers.

Meet the Business Owner

My inspiration for opening First Bistro was to bring my family recipes to life and share them with the world. We are an Italian restaurant that adds a twist of Mediterranean and American flavors to our dishes. As the Head Chef and Owner, I take pride in my food and I hope you enjoy our dishes as much as we enjoy making them!